A full system inspection is important for the life of your cooling and heating systems.

A full system inspection is important for the life of your heating and cooling systems. All inspections are performed by cooling and heating pros—not by salesmen—so that we can determine your actual needs and help where needed! Our full-point inspection includes:

  1. Check Thermostat operation
  2. Check filters and clean or replace as necessary. (Customer supplied)
  3. Check Evaporator Coil.
  4. Check indoor blower amps and cleanliness.
  5. Check all electrical components for proper operation.
  6. Check and tighten all electrical connections.
  7. Check return and supply air temperature for proper temperature split.
  8. Flush drain lines, check and clean auxiliary drain pan.
  9. Lubricate all moving parts where applicable.
  10. Check capacitors
  11. Check heat strip amp draw where applicable.
  12. Check burners and heat exchanger where applicable.
  13. Check and adjust pilot assembly and thermocouple where applicable
  14. Check carbon monoxide output at furnace where applicable.
  15. Check condition of combustion gas flue where applicable.
  16. Check gas flex and manual shut off valve for safety and code issues where applicable.
  17. Check fan pulleys and belts where applicable.
  18. Check and wash outdoor condenser coil.
  19. Check outdoor fan operation and amp draw.
  20. Check compressor operation and amp draw.
  21. Check refrigerant levels.
  22. Check temperature split at outdoor unit


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