Surviving Texas summers requires more than resilience – it demands a reliable cooling system. In the face of scorching temperatures and relentless humidity, your air conditioner works tirelessly. Our service plans are your shield against discomfort, ensuring peak efficiency and sparing you future headaches.


As winter arrives, a breakdown in your heating is the last thing you need. Our annual heating system check-up brings you peace of mind, guaranteeing cozy warmth when the mercury drops. AirPro Cooling & Heating’s skilled technicians perform comprehensive heater maintenance, safeguarding your comfort during the coldest months.

Maintaining your HVAC system yearly can extend
the life of your equipment.

Don't just maintain your HVAC system – elevate it. Regular upkeep not only ensures your comfort but extends the lifespan of your equipment. Home should be your sanctuary, where extreme temperatures hold no power. When your HVAC falters, rest easy knowing our affordable rates and promotions have you covered. We offer annual service plans to keep your system in top shape, and financing options for both equipment and repairs. Bid farewell to discomfort. With our expertise, your home transforms into an oasis of comfort. Call us today!